Update; rebate; debate.

Forgive me Father, for I've not blogged - and it's not because I don't have the internets because I DO have the internets at home now - they arrived on the day I posted the Geek and Poke comic, Friday before last.

So yay - it's so nice to have our connection back at home after 3 weeks, but it was a bloody painful process - especially for my room mate Paul who had to deal with Telstra and the phenomenally incompetent people at TPG Internet. Their technical ineptitude is only surpassed by their appalling customer service - at one stage they actually hung up on Paul! and he's very even tempered - he's persistent, and calm, and articulate and clear - and they hung up on him because they're all badly trained douche bags.

TPG - would not recommend! AVOID AVOID AVOID!

Meanwhile, the weather is changing. Lovely grey rainy weekends to sleep in to, and crisp cold blue skies to walk to work under. Photos would be good, wouldn't they? Maybe - we'll see.

I want to make more videos; I want to take more photographs; I need to do more drawing and there are more words to be typed; I want to know, once and for all, when to use a semicolon.

What do you want?