Adobe REFRESH 09

I'm at the Seibel Albert Park today at Adobe's REFRESH showcase thingie.

The seats are uncomfortable, the coffee is terrible and the crowd is subdued. My work colleague has gone back to work, not interested in the current and future development of industry products we use in our everyday work. I am here for the afternoon session with my belly full of steak sandwich, an internet connection and The Killers being piped through the sound system. I'm looking forward to this afternoon's session and hearing more about the work-flow between Adobe Flex, Flash and Blaze.

I was going to "live blog" but really - there's not much to say. There are no prizes, no hoopla, no tshirts.. not even Adobe pens!! for goodness sakes.

There are more women here than I had expected (it's more a developer audience than design) but we are still very out numbered. I'm not complaining, mind you: it is a room full of men and that's not the worst thing that could happen to a girl on a Thursday.

Oh, in case you didn't know: you can produce AIR apps from Fireworks CS4. What will they think of next!

PS: someone tell Craig his entry for the Adobe Web Premium package has been submitted as requested however, the caveat is that the winner must be here for the draw at the end of the day. If Kinky's name is drawn, I will put on my best butch walk and Scottish accent and try to claim the PC version on his behalf.

ooo gotta go: Periodic Table on the screen. BBL.

1422: Flex 4 brother, codename:Gumbo - available via the site, download nightly builds and have a play.

The Cocomo example was interesting - the dude created an authenticated module containing a chat pod, collaborative white board and user list in under 20 minutes with a few lines of code.

So many products, half the battle is knowing which tool to use and when.

It's afternoon tea time but the thought of that stuff they label "coffee" doesn't thrill me.

ION: the image of the Centaur for the latest ColdFusion release makes it look like the software has finally told it's parent's it prefers same sex relationships.

so neither Craig nor I won the Web Premium suite from Adobe. bugger.

I'm full of doziness and ideas and had a pretty good day. Nothing really exciting happened here at the Seibel and Refresh 09 from Adobe, but it was well worth sticking around.