Much like ducks

Last day of February - thank goodness I chose a short month to blog every day because I don't think I could've last another day! Bloggin' is hard! and I mostly posted links!

Hardly blogging is so much easier :)

And while I don't think I have a blog post inside me for every day of the year, I do have words to share a couple of times a week, and that suits me (and you, probably) much better. So we will now return to our regular schedule.

I do have a project for March - remember 26 Things Photographic Scavenger Hunt thing I've done before? (one and two) Tracey is putting up a list for March, and David and I are going to do it. To even things out a bit because David has a film camera, I'm going to do my 26 Things with film too - so there won't be much to see until April so March won't have very much so show for the project but much like ducks, paddling furiously underneath March will be the go.