Event: Topfest '09

Tropfest is regarded as one of Australia's most iconic cultural events, and the largest short film festival in the world. The annual short film competition is open to anyone who wishes to enter – regardless of their background or experience. 16 Finalists are selected from an entry pool of an average 650 entries and compete for more than $100k worth of prizes. Tropfest films are unique in that they have all been made specifically for Tropfest, will premiere at Tropfest and include the Tropfest Signature Item (or TSI). The TSI for Movie Extra Tropfest 2009 is “SPRING”.

Tropfest website

Take a look at the Tropfest 2008 finalists' movies.

List of the 16 Finalists for Tropfest 2009.
2009 Winners - Fox's favourite came first, my favourite came second. Go us! to celebrate this, I've made a video of the gloriousness of Tropfest's intermission. It isn't good, but it is short!