typewriter and telephone

I quite often feel like writing a post when I am no where near a computer. This might be because I am so very good at avoiding doing what is expected of me when things are expected of me: I procrastinate* like no-bodys-business. In fact I am so good at procrastinating that I have developed a way of fooling myself into believing I am procrastinating while getting stuff done. Everyone who is reading this and NOT waiting on me to finish their website/determine accommodation in the USA/post that letter/tell them about my new job/that email, will believe my every word.

And now I have determined that I can type out a post via my iPhone and post to my blog while no-where-near my 'computer' (see what I did there?) I shall decide upon another, more convoluted reason not to blog.

Which is nuts because it is something I like doing.

But I find it hard since I lost my angry. Remember back when i worked for the learning curve? Eating curries and being furious all the time? It was glorious blog-fodder. Now I am not angry anymore: well not _all_ the time: I got pretty damn furious with someone the other day but had to store the bile away because no one seems to realise how he is Ripping Us Off™ or the impact of his ignorance.

But it passed with only a few extra fractures due to bruxism.

Now I'm just sullen and depressed. The drunkywunky post (scroll down) was unusual and it was a little of column A masking column B.

And another thing: I started NaNoWrImO this year a whole month earlier and included November as well, and still managed to write less than any previous year despite having an actual storyline, plot and pretty decent character development.

I am unclear as to the point I am trying to make.

* It's not procrastination, actually - it's being worn out, and not having an ounce of brain outside work hours: that's what it is. This year is two weeks too long - has anyone else noticed this?