In my cups

Brothers Grim, Labour in Vain, beer and song-list

My weekend has included riding the slipstream of Ryan Ford's bucks weekend and drinking lots and lots and lots of beer. I spent time with great people: new and old friends. I following the sound of sweet, dirty bluesy/horror country music around Fitzroy.

I often rely on the kindness of others - and even more so when I feel like going out. Friday night I tagged along with the Peel Street Crew - our round-the-corner neighbours, Chaz, Mars and Thao. We strolled along to The Fox and their rooftop to watch the lightning storm over Melbourne and compile examples of saxophones in songs - I was no use after I Gerry Rafferty'd and Boz Scaggs'd. Chaz's group of friends and lovers are diverse and inclusive to taggers-on like me. So very generous, and such a lot of fun.

Labour in Vain hosted the Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders for an early two-set session, late Saturday afternoon. It was an extremely warm Saturday in Melbourne - a genuine summers day treat. The bar had some air-conditioning going and the beer did the rest of the job of keeping body temperatures to an acceptable level. I walked in to see Willo and Kyle talking to James, the vocal Grim who looked up and waved me over and we met officially with a handshake.

James and Matt Inabinet are compelling performers: James for his unstoppable energy and wicked humour; Matt for his precision guitar skills. Together with their drummer and bassist (yes, the beer has wiped the part of my memory that knew their names), with guest Josh Crawley and his banjo from The Graveyard Train.


"It was a lovely day today. Did anyone get out to do any gardening? I did: buried my girlfriend. Gonna see what pops up."

James Inabinet


They're playing in Sydney next weekend if you want to catch The Grim.

Dinner at Marios on Brunswick Street with Kelly and Bart was delicious - for both the company and the food. Marios is such a great place to grab good, quick food and, if you're like me and have a bit of trouble ordering, the waiting staff there already know what is best for me, and when my meal arrives it's always exactly what I needed.

Then off to The Old Bar for a series of great bands, including the ever infectious (not in a bad way) The Graveyard Train.

Yes, it was drunken - Willo reckons it was that one tequila shot that did him in. Yes, I did dance - but my goodness me: it was a lot of fun.

There was half a kebab somewhere in the wee-small-hours, Willo, Kyle and I weaving our way back to our corner of Melbourne. That meant my Sunday has been a lot like my Saturday - a late start to a day spent managing hydration, watching movies and taking small and frequent meals.