Kraft iPussies


Oh if you thought iSnack as a name for the new vegemite was bad enough, now Kraft is back peddling as fast as it's malty legs can carry it. After carrying out a widely publicised competition to name the new spread, Kraft has decided to "rethink the product's branding."

"Just days after announcing that its new 'more spreadable' version of Vegemite would be called iSnack 2.0, Kraft Foods has bowed to public opinion and says it will rethink the product's branding."

The name was bad enough but c'mon - you must've had sound reasoning behind deciding on it above all other entries. A consensus; a quorum; a CEO sign-off; you must have had some reasoning behind choosing iSnack 2.0 as the winning entry?

And what about the winner? Is he or she now stuck out in the cold having come crashing down from the lofty highs of winning the competition to the dungeon of disgust in the product's name? Do they have to return their prize money? was there any prize money? or was it all for glory and beyond?

So many questions - but wait.. what did Head of Corporate Affairs at Kraft say was the reason?

"The new name has simply not resonated with consumers, particularly the modern technical aspects associated with it."

What, wait.. are they saying the public aren't up with the play, technologically speaking, and that's why the name has caused such a negative public reaction?

No Simon Talbot - the name just stank. But you guys picked it - have the balls to stick to your decision.

Kraft - you pack of pussies.

NZ Herald Kraft backtracks on unpopular new Vegemite name

[UPDATE] VOTE! - (I'm mostly just thinking they all kinda suck - Vegemate's not too bad.. but it's an ugly bunch, all and all)

[UPDATE UPDATED] New Vegemite named - again