Arcanacon 2009

Today I went to my first ever Role Playing Games (RPG) Convention. While it is held over 4 days, I only attended today and played two sessions: one with Level 2 and 3 players, and one with Level 1 players.

I spent the end of the second session mostly dead, but managed to survive enough to be able to retain my character. Two of my Pathfinder Society group weren't so lucky (that was lucky?).

Arcanacon 2009 felt well organised, friendly and was definitely fun. The more experienced players were extremely kind, with patience and helpful advice. I am glad they remembered we all have to start somewhere and make it easier for the likes of n00bs like me. Stephen was as gracious and generous as ever.

Will shop again :)

Rob: I can't stay for another session, I have to be home by 10pm.
Paul: C'mon, you can stay and play.
Rob: YOU talk to my wife, then!
Paul: All right! give me the phone, I'll get her to say you can stay.
Michelle: You'd better have a high-level Charisma, Paul.
Rob: You're finally starting to think like a gamer Michelle!*

*not sure if that's a good thing or not.