cherry blossoms

“What do you like to take photos of?”
I turned to the man I had passed as I was walking to work this morning. It’s a wonder I’d heard him at all, he was behind me quite a way.
“Anything that catches my eye.” I said, knowing it was a stupid answer as soon as it was out of my mouth.
He walked back towards me, looking at the Nikon dSLR I had cradled in my arm.
“I’ve not got into digital,” he said “too thin, in my opinion.”
“Everyone’s a bit different,” I said “I like shooting with film too.”
“What sort of film camera do you use?”
“I have a Holga, a Pentax, a pinhole and a rangefinder.”
“Oh,” his eyes lit up “what sort of rangefinder?”
“I don’t know,” I felt stupid, I couldn’t’ remember the name of my Canonette “Canon, I think. I bought it on eBay a long time ago and I can’t recall it’s name right now.”
“I’d love a Zeiss or a Leica,” he said “pretty expensive, though.”
I nodded, he asked me “Are you a professional photographer?”
“No.” I said “No!” I repeated, surprised at the question.
“No? not published? You don’t exhibit?”
“No, no. No I just shoot for myself.”
“Oh,” he said, beginning to turn away “Have fun, enjoy that camera.”
“You too,” I said, turning the opposite direction “have a good day.”

dying rose bush

The woman crossed the street, and as she was passing me she stopped and asked, “Did you just take a photo of that dead rose bush?”
I looked back at the dried foliage I’d just photographed. I hadn’t realised until then that it was, in fact, a dead and drying climbing plant, quite possibly a rose “Ah, yes?” I replied.
The woman barked a loud, sudden laugh at me, then walked on her way.