Movie: Persepolis

scene from persepolis

I saw a wonderful movie recently and thought seeing as I liked it, you might like it too.

Persepolis is faithfully brought to the screen from Marjane Satrapi's graphic auto biography. Her memories are rendered with the sombre colours and simple line drawings to tell a compelling, heartfelt and illuminating story. Marjane shares her life from when she was 10 years old, a future profit and a fan of Bruce Lee, to an adult woman against the backdrop of Iran's turbulent political landscape.

The film begins with the new hope born from the uprising and overthrow of the Shah of Iran. Her family's joy and optimism for the future is short lived when Islamic Fundamentalists win the elections and come into power. Freedoms, especially for women, begin to erode: segregating schools, veiling girls and women, restricting movement of people, goods, activity and beliefs - to get caught breaking the rules is to face arrest and possible execution.

Marjane is an intelligent, imaginative and practical girl who, like her close-knit and progressive family, shows almost relentless resilience especially in the face of having to leave everything she knows to ensure she becomes everything she can be.

scene from persepolis

PS: It is wonderful to be reminded in our Pixaresque animated experiences, the simple and the simply beautiful, when tied together with a wonderful narrative, can be so lusciously beamed into the cinema in the traditional 2D animated space.