Forgive me internet, for I have blogged: it has been ten years since my first post.

My partner-in-crime there was Maddy aka my current room mate Fox, and together we will be quietly celebrating that we were blogging before it was even a word.

LATER - at the Kent Street bar:

Tim: drink for the birthday girl *pouring vanilla vodka into a shot glass*
Michelle: really? thanks!
Girl at Bar: it's your birthday?
Michelle: well.. no. It's my Blog's birthday.
Girl at Bar: *involuntary face pull*
Guy at Bar #1: wait.. what? your what's birthday?
Michelle: My blog's.
Guy at Bar #1: your "blogs" birthday?
Michelle: yeh.
Guy at Bar #1: *speechless*
Michelle: *sinks shot*
Guy at Bar #1: is your blog any good or is it shit?
Michelle: it's shit but at least it's old.
Guy at Bar #2: Wait.. your blog is ten years old?
Michelle: Yes.
Guy at Bar #2: That's fucking impressive. Even if it's shit that fucking impressive!