Rethinking when I take my lunchtime

Things that annoy me about young people today:

  • Zero sense of urgency: They walk really slowly, like they don't know where they're going or they aren't in any hurry to get there
  • Unable to tell the time: they are often late - see above
  • Can't maintain motion: they stop in accessways - stairways, doorways, landings, doorways, bottom of the stairs, doorways, doorways, DOORWAYS! - it's like they have no idea that there is anyone else moving around in the world except those they can see in _front_ of them!
  • Won't "thread" - when walking towards other people, say at a road crossing, won't move left or right but tend to continue in a head-on/non-wavering direction, forcing other people (me) to get out of their way - I can only imagine the pile-up when similar groups walk towards each other.
  • Too much time for lunch - their 90 mins lunch vs my 30 mins lunch. Did I mention NO SENSE OF URGENCY.. you'd think they thought they have the rest of their lives to get where they are going the speed at which they travel.


Meanwhile - check out this video; is this going to be a demonstration sport in London 2012?

How happy is this kid with his stacking speed? *yes!*

At least this up-and-coming generation/generation-whatever-comes-after-Y moves faster so our supermarket shelves and McDonald coke-cups will always be stocked.