Singing in my Soul - Fly My Pretties (good Sunday music)

I've learned to love the weekends since moving to Melbourne. My life as a contractor in New Zealand blurred the days of the week coloured every day with work - no complaints - but pleasure now taken in these two glorious days named Saturday and Sunday.

Yesterday I slept late. How good is sleeping in? I'd arrived pre-sloshed at Willo's the night before to watch the Olympic opening ceremony and see the Scots after drinking with James at the Queensbury. Wow - a lot of things going on in *that* sentence. Another way to look at it would be: went to a previous colleagues house to see a previous work colleague after drinking with a (now) old work colleague.

After my lazy start to Saturday, I had a lovely afternoon in Fox's Family Den, watching snippets of the cycle road race from Beijing, sipping punch and singing Happy Birthday to Sister Fox.

Such a warm snuggly normal family day for a person who doesn't have any family close by.

New Dog: Jet, and Fox's Den resident dog Ruban, spent a little bit of time getting to know each other before deciding they could play nicely together despite the size difference. Jet also spent some time teaching us all a new game called "Keep the balloon off the ground" a game he is particularly good at with easy vertical leaps and nose-bunts - that dog needs a Frisbee!

rain clouds over collingwood

Today I woke early to rain from grey skies over Collingwood. Turning on the heating, and opening up the blinds, I snuggled up with marmalade toast, tea and Milla Jovovich's Resident Evil. Zombies before lunch beat any organised Sunday worship hands down.

Jack Russell asleep on bean bag