chalet in snow

This weekend, I went with a bunch of friends to Mt Hotham for a skiing weekend. We stayed in a beautifully big snugly warm chalet in Dinner Plain and had a good time, on and off the snow.

I don't have any pictures as I decided not to take my big camera and my phone takes really dodgey shots at the best of times. But you don't have to photograph everything Michelle, that's why God gave you a memory.


  • marino long johns
  • snugly warm accommodation
  • vodka and a fire and the Williams brothers
  • Jen's pasta
  • Fox's breakfasts
  • getting ski boots that fit just right
  • glorious white snow
  • Ben's Yakka drink (re purposed from water skiing weekends)
  • Pick-up sticks
  • grooviest australians to spend a weekend with

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