It's a tough row to hoe

While finding the proper meaning of "you can't teach a dog new tricks" (answer: it is difficult to make someone change the way they do something when they have been doing it the same way for a long time) I pottered off on a tangent and discovered that age doesn't affect memory as much as it affects the ability to concentrate (point: proven).

Distracted as all get OUT because I can't find where to download Data Management Services WEB-INF folder and files are let alone install and run them - unriddle me these sayings:

  • A vessel under optical supervision never reaches a temperature of 100 degrees Celcius.
  • One feathered aerial biped imprisoned digitally is equal in value to twice that many aboreally located.
  • Inquisitiveness on the part of a member of the feline species was responsible for its extinction.
  • Never subject a presented equine to denticular inspection.

PS: apparently magnesium helps as well. Helps what? memory! God dammit, pay attention!