List of Goods

Things I like about my new job:

  • It only takes 35 minutes to walk to work - apartment-door to office-door

  • I cross some of Melbourne's best eating and bookselling streets on my journey to and from work (Smith, Brunswick, Lygon)

  • I can easily stop at Cinema Nova if I fancy a movie on the way home

  • I can even walk through a park if I wanted to!

  • I get to use a G5 Apple Mac

  • I have a 22" wide flat panel display

  • My rubbish bin gets emptied every night. _every_night_ I can put all sorts of things in there before I go home: drink bottle lids, used tissues, crusts, dead bodies, and when I come in the next morning BAM! empty bin! *magic*

Okay - mostly I just wanted to tell you about the bin thing - but thought I would pad out the list with other stuff. The bin revelation was a mighty finish though. Some people might argue it was interesting enough information that it alone could have been enough for a post - be that as it may: this post contains more interesting things about my day and I hope, Gentle Reader, it wasn't overwhelming.