Just like riding a bike

A very agile cold kicked me in the arse the last couple of weeks. I'm still not over it. A shame it didn't decide to visit weeks ago when it plagued my workmates, instead of waiting until I started my new job.

I showed up on my first day with a sore throat and as the afternoon progressed my manager said I looked like I was "fading fast" and he was right. I went down like a ton of bricks later that evening and didn't rally enough to work again until Thursday. Truthfully, had it not been my first week I wouldn't have gone in for that day either, or the Friday, but I was feeling bad/embarrassed for calling in sick so soon after starting. Dosed up on cough mixture and paracetamol I made it to home time both Thursday and Friday.

So I have this new job. I'm not sure I ever told you about my old job... but then, I was probably being mysterious.