A comment on comments

(i'm doing stuff with stuff and breaking stuff and whatnot.. so if you find that stuff doesn't act the way stuff ought, it's cos I'm stuffing it up)

They're not pretty - and I know how annoying it is to make a comment and have to wait for the admin to publish it - but for right now, the comment are on, but not the best solution.

One good thing (for me, anyway) is that in the last 24 hours since making the modifications and turning the comments back on, I have had no SPAM _at_ all_ - compare this to 1500/24hours when I closed the comments last week.

So, yay (for me) but user-experience-apologies in the mean time.

The thing I really need to do is upgrade Movable Type - I'm a few versions behind. What stops me from upgrading is the fact MT upgrades are a time confusing pain in the arse, not to mention heavy handed in the file-size department. So I remain on 3.whatever instead of being all 4.0+ with all the loopholes and problems that causes my poor old blog.

I love your comments. I will approve them as often and as soon as I can - thank you for your patience - or if you don't have any patience, thank you for putting up with this clunky process.