Last night, shortly after I decided to go to bed, there was a thunderstorm. As I'd manage to take a photograph of lightning last time there was a storm, I thought I'd chance my arm once again and try and take an even better shot.

So I padded bare foot out to the lounge and pressed my trusty camera up against the glass of the windows (to keep it steady during its slow shutter release) and started snapping away. Eventually, I caught a great burst of lightning.

Alas, due to the heavy rain, the lightning was all going on someplace else and its brilliance diffused through the misty cloud cover - so a lot less "fork" of lightning and a lot more "light" of lightning. I did capture it, though the one photograph of the event just looked like 'Collingwood during the day' rather than 'Collingwood during the thunder storm'.

So, for your viewing pleasure, and because I am a giant nerd easily amused, I've added a small interactive exercise so you too can experience the thunderstorm over Collingwood.

Roll your mouse over (and off and over) the image below and (patience is a virtue) you will experience the thunderstorm in all it's glory! If, like me (and unlike Fox) you feel that adding your own thunder sounds helps, by all means go for it.

Lightning storm