All God's Good Girls Fall Out of Trees?

I was thinking of a book I loved when I was younger: Hello God, This is Anna by Fenn. Yup, just Fenn. I repeatedly borrowed it from the school library. It was a paperback with a bright yellow cover, and energetic line illustrations every few pages. Anna was always drawn as this tiny child with a disguise of flowing hair. I loved those drawings - wished I could draw like that. I never did read the book though - apart from the few pages where Anna falls out of a tree and is impaled on fence palings and dies. Oops, sorry.. that might have ruined the book for you. That was the only bit I'd read. It was gruesome and I always cried - no, there was no illustration of the small girl gored by iron palings. She was a very good girl, by all accounts, one of God's favourites, you know?

That made me think of Pollyanna - the Disney movie staring a very young Haley Mills. Another favourite of mine as a smaller person - I did, this time, pay attention throughout the entire film. Upon seeing it again recently I was amazed at how long it was - though that might just be because Pollyanna is kind of annoying and Aunt Polly was honestly just trying her best (perspective is a wonderful thing) I still find the scene where Pollyanna falls from the tree and becomes a paraplegic a bit stressful. Oops.. oh noes.. that might've ruined the movie for you if you've not seen it yet. But see, she was kind of a favourite of God's too - daughter of dead missionaries, plagued with bringing joy into the world for all the miserable peoples of the town.

Then I realised, to make this a real, genuine theme, I'd need at least three examples of God's Good Girls falling out of trees to death or worse but alas, I don't know any more. Do you?