Heide Museum of Modern Art

Heide Museum of Modern Art Cafe - nougat

No, this isn't a sculpture nor is it an installation at the Heide Museum of Modern Art. It is, however, a very nice piece of nougat that Fox and I shared after a delightful platter of cheeses and a cheeky glass of sparkling shiraz at the café at the aforementioned Museum. Gallery. Place.

We were pleased to have been seated at the communal table in the bustling, tent-like café, and ordered a shared platter of cheese, honey and quince. Upon its prompt arrival, Fox asked our waitress if we could have side plates - the moment that request passed from her lips, the café's host dived into view opposite the table and placed perfectly formed, delightfully "nannery" plates in front of each of us.

Now how's that for service!

The Heide Museum of Modern Art Café is recommended as an affable, casual, affordable lunchtime treat.