Proof of Invisibility

Guy: and his brother - god, so funny - "you're just jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day Napoleon" I love that movie. Oh oh and his brother's girlfriend! what was her name?
Michelle: LaFawndah.
Guy: oh, man, what was her name..
Michelle: LaFawndah.
Guy: when Napoleon is dancing, he's all sweaty and dancing in his room and she comes up to the door.. oh what is her name??
Michelle: Her name was _LaFawndah!
Guy: She was fantastic, oh god why can't I remember her name??
Michelle: LaFawndah her name was LAFAWNDAH!!
Guy: This is going to drive me crazy, what the hell was her name.
Michelle: ...
Other Guy: um.. LaFawndah?
Guy: YES!! That's It!!