Highly Evolved: MacPro

My workday (today) started out (as it did yesterday (1) but not as it does every day) with finding great.big.daddy.cockroaches (5) on and around my desk (makes my head itch just thinking about it). This ongoing problem has *finally* been escalated from cans of bug spray to an exterminator.

My workday (today) ended (as it did yesterday but with less computer and more free software (I won Photoshop Elements at an Adobe seminar for knowing about Seam Carving)) with this beautiful machine, fully loaded with Adobe CS4, sitting on my desk.

So you know what you're lookin' at when you're viewing the movie: Chaz (IT dude in the red shirt and all round cool banana) ordered and configured my new Apple Mac Pro computer and installed it today at work. Andrew (colleague and desk neighbour and all round MAC disliker) is the voice in the background you can hear declaring that the amount of RAM is "insane" and I am the one making funny little animal noises because this computer is so bloody gorgeous.