Water and Grass: Chef

blurry chef of Water and Grass

I had already walked half a block past the laneway before I turned back to capture what I had seen. I had glanced at a man deep inside a dark alley; crouched low and alone in the last light of the day. I thought it was a good composition so I raised the camera to my eye I took a photo from the path. I heard the slow shutter and knew the photo would be blurry.

I walked down the laneway, thinking I might stand a better chance of a clear photo if I was closer - he didn't notice me until I spoke to him - I asked if I could take his photo. He was surprised, at my presence and my request. The man turned out to be the Chef from Water and Grass, the restaurant's back door opened onto the laneway and he was taking his break.

Another man appeared and introduced himself as the Chef's manager. I seemed to have misplaced my sense of timing and humour-detection and didn't pick up immediately that the manager was suggesting there was a fee to photograph his Chef. After I finally understood the joke, I took my photos. The Manager asked to see them on the back of my camera - they always look good on the small screen, don't they - and gave me his card, asking if I would email the photos to him. I don't think he's gonna be so impressed with the blurry, full sized results.

Ah well - I don't mind blurry - sometimes being focused on something all the time can just make a person weary.