The Commoner

The Commoner restaurant, Johnson Street, Melbourne

A little place on Johnson Street - quirky, interesting service - but good enough. The almonds and olives were a wonderful shared starter which lead beautifully into my main choice of (Special special of the day) Pork chop and fresh tomatoes with basil and dill dressing, accompanied by a cheeky little sav blanc from New Zealand. I finished with an uncharacteristic order of dessert - buttermilk pudding with black and raspberries, and a recommended sticky that was all just delicious.

My companions didn't fare so well in their meals - the snapper was a "salad" - shredded and mayonnaised as a strange, cold offering on a dinner menu. It was left mostly on the plate. The dessert of strawberries was also disappointing for them.

The irony of the restaurant's name came with the size of the account.

May not visit again.