The Afterdark, Northcote - Arj Barker

The Afterdark bar, Northcote, Melbourne - Arj Barker

Bart - Subnormal drummer and comment-hicupper - tonight proved to me that his local chippery did the best hamburgers in town. I can now attest to their groaning goodness, after mangalising one that was jammed-packed with "The Lot" PLUS beetroot PLUS pineapple (cos those are extras).

It's important to know where to get a good beef burger in a new town and now I know. Thanks Bart!

With bellies full of beefy goodness, we ambled to The Afterdark bar in Northcote to see Arj Barker and sip a little beer. Apart from being funny, Arj showed exceptional taste by consulting a small, Moleskine storyboard notebook which contained his neatly printed joke list.

Arj is playing at the Lithuanian, on Errol Street (every night except Mondays) throughout the Fringe Festival.