The Butterfly Club - Cabaret Does Emma Rule

I had the very good fortune to sit in the intimate surrounds of The Butterfly Club last night and witness Cabaret Does Emma Rule.

The Butterfly Club is an old Victorian upstairs/downstairs home, lounge, bar and theatre cram-packed with found-objects, kitsch and pirate-ships giving the feeling of the South Seas Glam in South Melbourne. The boys behind the bar are friendly and cheeky and clearly having a good time. Guests poured into the tiny spaces of the lounge and bar, sipping on pre-show drinks and meeting old friends and faces. I felt like I was at some friend's grandmother's wake (in a good way).

Following a successful debut season, Emma Rule returns to The Butterfly Club with her one woman show - what she describes as "possibly the most horrific experience of my life so far" in other words, a great night's entertainment! The theatrical car-wreck that is Cabaret does Emma Rule - just try and look away!

the butterfly club

I was with my darling friend Fox who had arranged tickets to this one woman show put on by her old school mate, Ms. Rule. We sat (me on the uncomfortably-sprung lounge chair, she on the small fluffy stool) and chatted (she really is the best company) until we heard the sound of a ship's bell calling us to make our move into the Theatre.

Squeezing down the non-existant aisle to the second-to-front row of old movie seats in the tiny theatre, this had the strong feeling of when children put on shows for parents and relatives in the front room of the family home. Lord only knows this theatre is smaller than most front-rooms. But once we were seated, and the pianist was situated behind the piano, the lights dimmed and Emma Rule's voice filled the space from behind us.

This red satin'd creature made her way down the aisle with a hellovalot more grace than I had managed a few minutes earlier, and took her place on the tiny stage in front of us. The next hour was filled with her voice, and the funniest, touching, sometimes deliciously inappropriately songs and charming "patter" I've heard in a long time. She was, in a word: fabulous.

Do yourself a favour, round up your own darling-friend and go see this gorgeous, intimate, hilarious Cabaret Does Emma Rule at the The Butterfly Club.