Hi-Fi Bar - Good Drugs, Bad Women

Be warned this show is not for the shrinking violets - it’s for the live fast, die young. It's for the hard working, hard drinking son of a bitch in all of us. If you want to play Russian roulette with your libido... if you want something to confess on Sunday morning... if you want the hangover to be worth it... then this is the show for you.

Resident Advisor

Good Drugs Bad Women was a wonderful surprise of a Friday night burlesque show at the Hi-Fi Bar in Melbourne. Good-old dirty bluesy band and inked sirens entrancing with hips and tassels and more sass than you could shake a stick at if you could manage shake your mind from the hypnotic movements of these real, sexy, good bad women long enough to notice.

Fucking *awesome* show - who knew women taking their clothes off could be so much fun!!

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