Movie: Bourne Ultimatum

Seeing no one else seems to have a Happy Place they want to talk to me about - I'll post about a movie - just for a change!

Jason Bourne is an awesome character. He rocks: he's like MacGyver on crack cocaine. He's "Matt Damon" (c'mon.. everybody now.. you know how to say it!)

He's getting on he's 37 years old - he's been ducking and diving for 3 years. Those of you in this time of life know that while you're still wonderfully (hot) young men, sometimes things ache a bit more than they used to a few years ago (not always the good kind of ache either) and joints are starting to be a little less fluid, and you might've caught yourself making that grunt/groan noise when you get up or get down, so watching Jason Bourne go up against younger "assets" you know he's having to work extra hard just to survive - and a lot of the time he's only breaking even.

This movie has gritty, fast-paced action sequences, and hub-caps-in-your-face car chase choreography. I loved that no one had to bang on and on about stuff we already know because the actors had communicated those thoughts and emotions to us by way of their craft. What a novel concept. We didn't need exposition exposition after exposition to know what was going on and they didn't give it to us so Yay!

Jason Bourne is determined. He's very smart - well he's at least as smart as we are watching him, which make us all smarter than the CIA who are chasing him - they're not a step behind, they're like 9 hours and 2 countries behind. But that's okay, cos nothing is going to stop Mr Bourne from getting all the pieces to the puzzle of his identity - he's about as close to indestructible as you can get.

This final installment is a good end (if slightly weaker than the previous two) to this excellent character and storyline. Nice artwork in the credits, too.

Note to Movie-makers: Look - there is no point to hand held NYPD-Bluesque jiggly camera movement anymore. Just.Stop. It was okay when I was younger (2 years ago) when it didn't cause a physical reaction but now I get car sick in a cinema with all your outdated, pointless "action" movies so just.. quit it, ok? I shouldn't need to chow down on SeaLegs just to watch a movie.