Monday: before and after

monday night dinner before I ate it

Try this for a good not-quite-summer-but-too-warm-for-winter but we-really-feel-like-a three-cheeses kind of meal. A transitional meal that sits on the border between hearty winter food and light summer meals. We took our raviolli stuffed with sundried tomatoes and ricotta and heated it with our friends: saute'd spanish onions, garlic and cherry tomatoes. Tossed through a salad of mixed salad greens just before serving, topped with big fat green olives, crumbled Danish (screw the food-miles it's freaking amazing) fetta and ripped cherry bocconcini, served with a crisp chardonnay and soft warm garlic bread.

Dude, come over for dinner - we know how to do it!

monday night dinner after I ate it