Movie: The Jammed

Have you heard about this movie? The Jammed is a movie made in Melbourne, about the human trafficking/illegal prostitution here in Australia. The subject was brought to the attention of the writer/director Dee McLachlan by way of a small newspaper article a few years ago. This is not a documentary, though the screenplay is based on court transcripts, but a drama and as such, has a worrying realness to it. Some people are saying it's the "Movie of the Year" I don't know that I'd go that far, but it is good, and well worth seeing.

This movie is on very limited release at the Nova on Lygon Street, Melbourne. Go see it if you are able - with a bit of luck it will get wider distribution.

The Age talks to Dee McLachlan

The Jammed review on Schembri's Age blog.

The Jammed

PS: The Jammed starred our Apartment! I was sitting there thinking "Hey, those letter boxes and foyer looks like *our* letter boxes and foyer" when Fox grabbed my arm and said "That's our place!!" and she was right! The scenes early in the movie of the "Sydney" apartment are, in fact, in our apartment and building here in Melbourne. That was our foyer, our letterboxes, the apartment Crystal is locked in is a mirror image of our own. Tom's (the boyfriend) apartment (a bit later in the movie) is another place in our building. Famous!