MIFF: The Hottest State

Ethan Hawke is in town. He's here to talk about his film, The Hottest State. He wrote the novel, adapted it for screen, directed and starred in this movie. No wonder he looked a little tired.

While The Hottest State is a work of fiction, it can't help but ring with autobiographical bells

*right-after-movie brain dump*
right of passage
first love/broken heart
when does "hanging on" turns into obsession and when does it start to become "letting go"
your heart was broken long before I came along
clinging to the passion/lust of first love
thinking he'll never survive it
realising he didn't die, realising he is a man, responsible for himself
we all break hearts and have ours broken "you'll be amazed at home many times you will fall in love"
we live to break and be broken
are the endless black lows of rejection worth the chest bursting bliss of being loved?
whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, or just really bent out of shape and crippled?
especially if you're a little bird
broken bird
or a 20 year old actor with weird hair

yer shit michelle you couldn't articulate what you're thinking (let alone review a movie) if your life depended on it

Melbourne International Film Festival but all her friends just call her MIFF.

***editor's (that's me, michelle) note***

I was writing this, then the phone rang from New Zealand so I talked for a while and then the kids (damn roommates and their jumpy games) came home and jumped on my bed and lounged about and well OK it was really nice but now they've gone and i'm gonna go brush my teeth and go to bed (well in truth i've been *on* the bed the entire time while those kids were jumping on it) and try (please God, I know I don't believe in you but please PLEASE let me sleep tonight - the bags under my eyes are turning into rubbish sacks - I'll do anything for sleep... but I won't do that .. actually I will do that but I still can't sleep)

I'll fix this post up tomorrow.. night.. or Saturday.. we have another movie tomorrow.. another MIFF.. um.. it's that one about the guy who hires the other guy to pretend to be the CEO of his IT company.. bit like Remington Steele but with computers.. or something. I might write about that, or not.. you'll have to stay tuned! (I am so full of egg plant I feel like a gog - you know? full as a goog?(you know.. like boog.. in boogie board) oh wait.. that might just be me again)

Dear God, me again - you know I don't believe in you but thanks for today, it was miles better inside my head than the mess it has been for weeks. I appreciate that.

PS: I didn't brush my teeth. Goodnight Melbourne.

PPS: who do these bikes belong to?