Twitter Meet

God, I am the *worst* mingler in the world. If I go anywhere with people I know, that's exactly who I mingle with. In fact, when I do that I'm sure it's not even called 'mingling' anymore but 'hiding' or 'snobbing' or 'propping up the bar' or something. The only time I actually mingle is when I'm forced to by the fact I arrived alone and don't know anyone.

I don't have much to report about the Melbourne Twitter meet-up at Horse Bazaar this evening - cept everyone did a damn better job at mingling than I did. Good beer, good pizza (I was jolly ready for it when it arrived) and great company even if it's the same company that puts up with me day in and day out.

Fox won a prize for the most creative tweet using the word "air" and I had a bushel of beer. mmmbeer.

Thursdays are the second best days of the week though I'm beginning to worry about Tuesdays - has anyone else noticed they've been missing three weeks in a row now? Maybe they've just gone up to the ski slopes.

PS: Keith (name tag reading) brought his iPhone along and offered it for actual fondling. It's so thin! and teh beautiful.