In yr Friday, messing w/yr feng shui

This is the why the tram I’ve been traveling to work on lately was stopped on the tracks for over an hour this morning – glad I missed catching it this morning though I was in the one right behind it. Poor bugger, I hope it all ends up okay for him.

After they had cleared the scene, the journalist had phoned in his story and the film crew had packed up their cameras, our tram got underway again. Tram officials decided that even though our tram hadn't been involved in the incident, it still couldn't go the whole distance so made us get off at the Depot to take a connecting tram to complete our journey. I did the math and that by this time, the difference between tramming and walking to work was only about 10 minutes, so decided to walk the 30 minutes to school instead – it was nice to stretch my legs after sitting so long in the tram even if the low cloud was a bit drizzly.

I stopped at a small café along the way to buy something to replace the breakfast I had missed due to deciding to linger an extra few minutes in bed. It was quite busy in the café and I squeezed my way past small tables of mums and preschoolers to the counter to see what they had in the way of food.

Me:: “Can I have a scone to takeaway please”
Woman serving behind the counter:: “scone?”
Me: :“Yes please” and the Woman behind the counter said something else I didn’t catch as she turned around to get a paper bag from behind where she was standing. When the Woman behind the counter turned back to me, she looked at me expectantly.. I didn’t say anything, then she raised her eyebrows and *looked* at me harder.
Me:: “Did you say something?”
Woman behind the counter: : “Yes, how many?”
Me:: “Scones?”
Woman behind the counter:: “Yes”
Me:: “One, please”
Woman behind the counter:: “I thought you said you wanted *some* scones”
Me: : “No, just one please”
Woman behind the counter:: “Well you said *some* so I was expecting you wanted many”
Me:: “No, just one thanks, I’m only a little bit hungry”
Woman behind the counter:: “But you said *some*”
Me:: “I’m sure I said *a* scone”
Woman behind the counter:: “You said *some* scones”
Me:: “Well I only want one thanks”
Woman behind the counter:: “Okay, but I was expecting to give you many”
Me:: “Just one scone please” and so the woman behind the counter put my scone into the paper bag and handed it to me.
Woman behind the counter: “Enjoy your *one* scone”