and this little piggy had Melbourne!

Retro breakfast: muffins, jam, rhubarb, blueberries n' pears

Eating in Melbourne is fun. I'm in the right part of town for being able to stumble upon any number of cafes, bars and/or restaurants. My roomie, Fox, is showing me the lay of the edible land with sides of bars and tram lessons which is making my assimilation into my new home so much easier than if I were stumbling about here on my own. She was also kind enough to invite me to her work Friday drinks and let me wear her Easter Bunny ears which I forgot I was wearing so by the time the woman at the wine tasting evening we later went to said "nice ears" i tugged on my own ear lobes wondering why she'd said that to me.

The Melbourne sky has been so blue and big - Autumn is such a wonderful season with it's mild temperatures and beautiful colours. This was a very good time of year to start this adventure, I think - good thinking Batman!

Eroica's here too, and while she's living way across the other side of town at the moment, will be flatting a lot closer very soon. We've both decided that Tuesday is "job day" and we'll get more organised/active in seeking employment, but right now sitting here on a red sofa with coffee and hotcross buns, it's very hard to imagine I'll ever work again and this wonderful sense of holiday would be a much better state to maintain.

Last night, Fox and I went to a one man show by Charles Ross where he re-enacted the Star Wars trilogy in an hilarious one hour show at the Forum. I loved his Princess Leia best - a snippet via YouTube:

(I kinda have a lot to say but not finding it easy to say anything but felt I had to put something between the photo of my breakfast and that of the dead seagull)