She Said, She Said

Wolf Blass shrz/cab/mer 2005 ($9.97 from Safeway Supermarket)

Fox says "Grapey."
Mish says "Dry'y."
Fox says "Hmm."
Mish says "Tastes good with tomatoes, just so you know."
Fox says "Hmm"
Mish says "It got smoother as it sat out longer."
Fox says "Or as you got drunker."
Mish says "That too."


Fox: Dubious first few sips, bit nondescript, bit mediocre. After a quarter of a glass, started thinking it was all right, then I had a second glass and it was mediocre again. I would not buy again.
Mish: Tastes good with tomatoes.

(PS: we're wine tasting)