Not blogging again today

I've been trying to tell you I'm leaving.

It's hard though, being that I haven't blogged in ages and the words aren't coming out in a clever, entertaining way. So I sit here staring at a cursor that is blinking it's demand for words and I have nothing to offer.

I thought it would be easier than this. I thought that when someone left a job and a good steady income with no new job to go to, they might have a few thoughts that to share around the thought processes surrounding such a decision - a "freak out" post at the very least - but not me. But wait, there's more - how about we throw in more details like leaving the place they've lived in for nearly 20 years to move to move across the Tasman Sea to a new city, leaving their family in the old city, and you'd really be thinking that blog post'd almost write itself - but not this one.

No one could blame you for thinking that a post based on topics so life changing would be easier than this to write. That excited words'd be expected to fly off the end of a once-prolific blogger's fingertips in a sparkling tumble of nervous information that would keep the reader entralled until the very end, and looking forward - therefore returning to the site - to more posts to see how things panned out. Cos Lord knows we bloggers have written a lot more on a hell of a lot less.

But for some reason, right now and lately, that's not happening around here. So I decide to stop sitting here watching an unwavering blinking cursor with no words to feed it and not blog again today, but go watch Trains, Planes and Automobiles for the bazillionth time instead.

Because that, I can do.

(I'm sorry I can't write anything to catch you up on any of my news - I'll keep trying though, so don't give up on me just yet. Maybe when I get to Melbourne the words will come easier. The new sights and sounds, people and food, work and opportunities, frustrations and troubles I'm bound to encounter, will help get my blogging feng shui back. Or maybe it'll at least give you more photos to look at.)