Melbourne Arts Festival: The Show Must Go On

Late yesterday, Fox won tickets to The Show Must Go On at the Arts Centre. I didn't know anything about the show but always have a YES ready when Fox asks me along to stuff.

"The Show Must Go On" examines the relationship between art and life, explores the clash of fine art and entertainment and challenges the expectations audiences hold about dance.

You might have experienced, in your life, being given a hand-made gift from a child - maybe a Father's Day card made with flour glue and pasta - this show is a lot like that. While I'm not going to tell you anything about The Show Must Go On, I will say that the performance unwraps itself and presents a gorgeous gift of an evening.

It is authentic, genuine entertainment - hand made with love, and definitely worth a visit.

PS: two things happened after the show:

  • I was (kinda) interviewed by a person from ABCRadio, and
  • Fox kicked a guy on the tram-ride home