OCD Much?

nail-polish bottles lined up on my desk

So Fox sent out an email at work urging anyone with nail vanish at home they didn't use any more, to bring it in and swap it with another one from the resulting "pool" of unwanted bottles. Over the last few days the number of bottles has grown, and they also seem to have found their home on my desk.

I like straight lines* - I like wiggly ones too but when there are a whole lot of nail polish bottles on my desk they need to be in a straight line if they are in any kind of line at all. Coming over to my desk and moving the bottles out of alignment just causes me more work. It's not easy distributing small bottles evenly along an invisible straight line without any guides or rules.

Now, if I had all of my nail polishes displayed on my desk,
they'd be anything but straight.

Stephen White, Interface Developer

*I suppose the line of bottles can be wiggly or curvy or zig-zaggy, just so long they're something and not just loitering about looking untidy. Huddles are also acceptable.

But hurdles aren't.

PS: there are quite a few shades of blue in the polish-pool.