Tiki Tour

summer in Canterbury - from my sight-seeing tour with Eroica, November 2005

I was poking around in my Photo Library trying to find the photo I took of the kangaroos (sheep) in Australia and found this photo from my Trip to Christchurch late last year. I don't really know where this is - maybe some Cantabrians can help me out. It was after a winding drive up up the hills on a wonderfully windy day. The two people in blue there were hiking up the path, stopping for a well deserved rest and admire this gorgeous view.

Long Time No Linkage:

Rosie sent me a wonderful link this week to some neat storyboard stories.

I stumbled over this scrumptious content packed blog the other day. If you want to look at beautiful things, take a click at Design*Sponge. I [heart] the nested tables! and look at that groovy wallpaper!