Conversations from the Pod

Stacey: I've never been as sick as I have since I started working here. It's the fucking air conditioning, I swear.
Braden: Next thing you know we'll have an outbreak of Legionnaires
Michelle: ooo I like Legionnaires - with their little hats with the flaps and their white uniforms and their rifles and stuff
Stacey: so what, I don't get it, why are they coming?
Braden: to fix the air conditioning you see, Transfield is really bad at fixing it so we get the French Foreign Legion to come over and sort the air conditioning out.
Michelle: see? he's way meaner than me.
Stacey: so what, is Legionnaires the 'flu or something?
Braden: yeh, and if you had it, you'd be very sick.