Friday, January 6, 2006 at 11:42 PM

Watch What the Bleep Do We Know? first. It's interesting and makes you think about things you've not thought about before, and solidified those things you have thought about before, and makes you scoff at some stuff too. There are at least 6 solid dinner conversations starters here, if you dine with friends who like to talk out complex ideas.

Then go watch I [Heart] Huckabees because it's What the Bleep Do We Know in practice.

After your stimulating dinner conversation about quantum physics, time travel, reality and addiction, take your favourite lover, warm with wine to bed and watch Nine Songs. Replay the movie's soundtrack after the film ends while you make love. Or having sex. Or fuck. Or whatever it is you do with your lover.

Closer is a movie about fucked up relationships - about infidality and dishonesty. I think the dishonesty is in casting Julia Roberts thinking she'd play anything other than the big eyed, funny looking victim no man can pass without falling madly in love with. Turns out all four chacacters were the same - maybe they helped prove we are all part of the blanket (refer: I [heart] Huckabees). This DVD had promise and completely failed to deliver.

Lords of Dogtown
Bubba HoTep should never have got up in Elvis' bidniz. This movie should replace Cocoon at every given opportunity.
To Kill a Mockingbird