Baby Elephant Walk

I am so sick of my neighbour. Apart from her practically accusing me of orgainising the burglary of her place the week I moved into my flat; and even apart from her phoning me the other day to tell me how annoying Mouse was when she was alive - I'm going to focus on her being a grumpy elephant in high-heels in the mornings.

Her front door is right by my bedroom window, and she insists on slamming her wrought iron security gate shut over and over whenever she leaves the house. She is the only person on the PLANET who can make the locking of said door just as rowdy as it's shutting.

Then she clip-clops across her cobbled walk in those heels to the huge triple-bolted fence/gate and wrangles that like it's the entrance to some castle. By the time she's starting her car, I'm wide awake and realised it's her fault AGAIN.

This is every_morning even CHRISTMAS morning.

Then I doze back off mumbling about at least it's 6:30am and I get to go back to sleep to wake up for when she comes back from _wherever_ repeating all those noises in reverse and adding one "slamming" of her main door to finish.