New Old Friends

I met her through a mutual friend. His deep affection for her an instant pass into my life. Her bright personality full of fresh joyful emotions latched passionately onto my arms and legs and heart. Honest, bright, intensely fragile old soul - she has one of God's most perfect faces and a pair of his most talented hands. Loving and so very giving, a pleasure to behold in the moment - and the spaces inbetween.

Her eyes see beauty, and her hands capture it.

I met this bright light with my own eyes and like all, protected in layers of human being, I still recognised her. She opened her home to me as I opened mine to her. Bright sunshine and ballet shoes. Rhubarb crumble and sleepy rivers. Tomatoes and Thai noodles. She is a comfortable joy as I always felt she would be.

Happy Birthday Eroica. With much love, from me.