100 Things

  1. I love people using movie quotes in ordinary life. Saying "these aren't the droids we're looking for" and "Many Bothens died to bring us this information" and mentioning the Flux Capacitor etc really makes me happy.

  2. While William Shatner doesn't do much for me outside Classic Star Trek episodes, people who impersonate him really float my boat. I *adore* Shatner impressions.

  3. I cross hatch a lot when I doodle.

  4. When I find something I like to eat - I tend to always order that thing when I go to a restaurant. For example, I've only ever had Pad Thai when eating at a Thai restaurant because I liked it the first time I ordered it.

  5. Even though I am a creature of habit, I can and do try new things. I have recently discovered soy milk after years of slagging off soy latte drinkers - seems I've joined their ranks.

  6. When I'm really tired, I like to crawl into my bed fully clothed - including my shoes - and sleep.

  7. People who throw their rubbish / food wrappers on the ground / out car windows make me mad. I think now that McDonalds has managed to get most kid to "make it click" with their car safetybelt campaign, they should focus on getting people to put their burger food packaging in the rubbish instead of tossing them bomblike out the windows of moving vehicles. Fuckers.

  8. Hehe, I said "doodle".

  9. I like people who tell the truth. I like straight talking, tell-it-like-it-is people best.

  10. I hardly ever ask the questions to hear answers I need because I suspect I already know the answer and if I ask the question and they tell me their answer truthfully and frankly it might confirm what I already knew.

  11. I am quite often wrong.