Lost: 1 blogging feng shui

I think I've actually run out of words. I think that thejamjar.com has proved how many words a kiwi woman can post to any one website over a span of 7 years. I have a bunch of unformed thoughts that I will present as a bulleted list masquerading as a blog post:

  • If good guys always finish last, how come Charlie won the Willy Wonka competition and was it *really* a win.
  • fingerprints aren't necessarily unique - or, even if they are, they are subject to human error and wondering how big that error might be
  • the tale about a blogger who bought a sparkly broach to stave off the idea that's she's really immature with her purchases and lasted only a week before caving and spending all her money on Tim Burton's Tragic Toys for Boys and Girls only to find they scared her so much she couldn't sleep
  • the state of learning online especially the worrisome number of hippies in the industry
  • not being able to keep an opinion to herself, she must keep sending email out to people thereby always ensuring a constant rate of "trouble"
  • someone asking permission to sexually harrass her blouse and her saying YES PLEASE
  • having trouble fighting dinosauric administration
  • the Canadian warship in Auckland harbour (helicopter's wings clipped)
  • walking the entire length of main street with fly open to the world
  • opacity levels
  • how great teaching Digital Photo Enhancement was fantastic this term (thanks folks - and Snug!)
  • strange emails from people from Columbia University who are sure I went to New York University
  • the speed of time with a loved one compared to treacle-like time without them
  • forgetting why you started a list
  • lack of colour in corporate companies
  • finding an amount of money that seems to be of an amount to cause problems about what to do about it
  • seeing graphs and data everywhere and the need to have a whiteboard handy to explain anything
  • depression and the way it effects my life and those around me (with cunning plans to fool people into believing I'm a functioning adult - see Tim Burton point, above)
  • the best fruit salads in Auckland and the marshmellow man
  • ADSL causing telephone voice line noise
  • how really really cool it is to talk and type to someone at the same time (told you it was fun)
  • wireless headsets are so much cooler than wired ones which are really cool too
  • coming to grips with being as boring as you always thought you were
  • trying to figure out why cats throw up
  • dreaming of the Kimberley and how I might make a living out of dipping toes into the Indian Ocean
  • remembering to do laundry
  • realising I've fogotten how old you are and realising I'll never get the opportunity to ask you. Happy Birthday, I'm sorry for not coming to see you today. I'm slack - doesn't mean I don't care.. just means You have terrible taste in sistersinlaw. You know I love you though - I always trusted you knew that. Know that I miss you too, especially during September.
  • spitting ginger beer all over my computer keyboard
  • trying to get a clue
  • sitting within earshot of someone who is falling in love and being envious
  • remembering what I was doing this time last year and loving those memories
  • realising that I'll never get "tense" right in posts but posts to my blog anyway
  • deciding to admit I can write more words about how I've run out of words than most people can about stuff they know

I'm sorry I've not been around much lately and I can't say that will change in the immediate future. I seem to have run out of words - well okay I haven't - I've run out of presenting them coherently. I came close to posting a photo of graffiti the day before yesterday, but I didnt want you to worry by it's content. I didn't mean the photograph of the graffiti as a negative thing, I captured it as a bend-over-the-hood-of-a-car-giving-it-all-you've-got kind of attitude, but couldn't get that out in words so didn't post it. I'll post it now in the silence that is the end of this list:


heh, I said 'entry'.

PS: blogging is not like riding a bike.
PSS: Wearing a tie is sexy.