I need a keeper - or at the very least, a decent key ring

I lost the keys to my Post Office Box. They were replacement for my old set when they upgraded the Branch, and I'd actually never used them to access my newly refurbished PO Box. I discovered the keys were no longer on my key chain when I finally decided I'd better clear the box. I blame the cheapo keyring they supplied but considering I thought "that's a cheapo keyring, I shouldn't just hook that on my keychain or i'm just gonna lose these keys" and did it anyway, I will take some blame - 15% maybe.

In my hectic schedule of getting to work and then getting home again, I don't have a lot of time to find an open post office, let alone get to the Pakuranga branch to admit to them I have lost my/their keys. But I was up early retrieving my dead car (another story) from the Pakuranga Plaza (shows how long I've lived there it hasn't been called that in 10 years) Carpark on Saturday morning, and saw the Post Office was open and made a beeline to start the process of getting new keys.

I had some stuff to post too so got that out of the way first then admitted to the young girl behind the counter that I had lost my brand-new POBox keys before I'd even used them. She smiled and asked me what my POBox number was. I said I didn't know. And I don't. Numbers are a comPLETE mystery to my brain. Like that time I had to phone Telecom to find out my phone number even though I'd had it for 2 years but that's yet another story.

So she kind of laughed at me not knowing my own POBox number and about the Telecom story which just came spilling out as stuff often does. So I gave her my name, and my company name so she could look it up that way. Which she did. Of course, being the Post Office it wasn't online or anything.. she had to dig out a book and look it up manually but that's okay.. I'm all in favour of "writing stuff down".

So she found me, and my box number. And decided the best and cheapest option was to replace the lock and issue me with a new set of keys. So, she met me in the PO Box area, and showed me where my PO Box was - I can only remember where my box was, not it's number. She changed the lock and gave me my mail.

She also gave me the out-of-hours passcodes to get in there for all the times (which feels like *most* of the time) they're not open.

Thank goodness for good service for useless customers.

And thank goodness for good mail! Nothing from the IRD - nothing from anyone who *wanted* anything from me and, best of all, no unsolicited mail.