He said, I can't believe I told you that
I said, I'm glad you did
He said, I knew you were a deviant
I said, you hit the nail on the head
He said, she may be younger than you
I said to myself, and prettier and thinner
He said, but you have the power
I said nothing
He said, my heart hurts
I said, feel every inch of it
He said, it doesn't hurt as much as last time
I said, pain is pain - it always fucking hurts
He said, every emotion is important
I said, he was right
He said, it's over
I said it's not over til it's over
He said he liked Gameboy
I said I couldn't play it for nuts
He said that's really cool
I said I couldn't find the right pen
He said he said to always be yourself
I said what he said wasn't necessarily true
He said what would you say
I said follow your heart
He said see you Monday
I said probably Monday week
He said, you're going to shine
I said I'm sorry I wrote on your arm
He said, don't be; I liked it.