Movie: The Island

another good.good movie! two in a row - I'm on a roll!

I was going to go to the Academy and see Steamboy but (yeh i should provide you with links but meh, i'm not going to - it's an anime film) but it didn't start til 9pm and my carparking building closes at 9:30pm and I decided to not stick around and watch the Tactical Ops Team do their training exercise: repelling down the side of the building where I work and busting in on our floor (oops did i say that outloud?) after they spent most of lunchtime practicing landing on the roof (we're on the top floor).

Nice Geek Touch: before leaving our Floor to the boys-in-black, the Geeks put a bright pink moving sign on the huge plasma screen we have on the wall - It said:

they went that way >>>>

Actually that's all priviledged information - please don't tell anyone. It's just our little secret okay? ok.

So. Yes. Scarlett Johansson is luscious, and Ewan is all trim and terrific and it's a really good move!

"you know why the Wasp sounds like that?"
"no, why?"
"because we watched Empire Strikes Back and that's the sound the speeders made in Empire Strikes Back and we know what that sound is"
"yeh, they sound like Pod Racers too!"