FQ TOPIC: Depression

FQ1: What's the most depressing song you've heard and movie you've watched?
The most depressing song I've ever heard is Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go Warne". I know there's been a lot of press about Shane Warne's sexual exploits, but I think there's a lot in Ms Dion's song lyrics, in fact the entire song is to blame for his persistant, annoying and crude behaviour. Pull your pants up Shaney, no one wants to shag you, mate.

The most depressing movie I've ever seen has to be Phantom of the Opera. I was unable to leave the theatre during the showing of this film, and had some of my deepest, darkest moments contemplating suicide. I had very limited means though, stuck in Row J of the Wanganui movie complex (complex in that it was hard to find the toilets) and so survived the harrowing movie-going experience but not without the deep psychological scars I still carry with me to.this.day.

FQ2: What's the most depressing place you've been?
That would have to be the Sky City Casino here in Auckland. A more depressing place you'll be hardpressed to find anywhere in New Zealand. Rows upon rows of people shoving their hard-earned cash into slot machines designed to mesmerise and plunderise with no quarms whatsoever. Glazed looks and small white buckets at the ready to catch the coins they're trying desperately to win. God I hate everything about that place. The fountain in the foyer looks like a urinal for a very good reason - the whole place is a toilet!

FQ3: What's the most depressing event in current news to you?
It's depressing to me that the state of the Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt marriage, then the subsequent Brad Pitt/Angela Jolie association makes any sort of news in any sort of newspaper or television news show whatsoever. I don't care if Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch, but I do care that television stations run it on their News as if it were an important story. THAT really depresses me.

FQ REMEDY: List five things you do to make yourself feel better when depression strikes.
1) sleeping
2) not waking up
3) drinking til I fall asleep
4) being asleep
5) not being awake.